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Weighing In On Weight

When I began my vegan journey, I weighed 233 pounds. How did I get here again, after losing 41 pounds in 2015? Easy. I ate whatever I wanted and suffered the consequences. It hadn't been easy to lose the weight the first time. I wasn't doing it for me when I set out to lose the weight back in January 2015. In fact, I remember wanting to look good at my graduation and to fit in a specific dress I purchased from H&M. I had started drinking a lot of coffee, taking diet pills and using protein powders and body building preworkout drinks. It was insane. I was losing the weight (and fast) but to maintain the results meant that I’d have to become a maniac. After I got stuck at 188, I felt useless. I had tried working out more intensely, but my weight just sat there I couldn’t get below the number 188. I decided to stop weighing myself to avoid feeling like a failure. I took it so personal. Little did I know that a quick change in routine or choice of food would have pushed me in

Garlic Sweet Potato Fries

Garlic Sweet Potato Fries 100% VEGAN

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese and Tomatoes 100% VEGAN

Dangerously Delicious Dinners


Pizza Pizza!

Peppered Pizza VEGAN

Taco Tuesday Just Got Real

Taco Tuesday Meatless Mexican Hardshell Taco VEGAN

Why I Became a Vegan

Veganism was something that I thought long and hard about for a few years. I had always battled with obesity, since the fourth grade, and the shame that tends to come with it that only other people who are obese can understand. As a child, my rapid weight gain came from illnesses and antibiotics that contained steroids. After having a really bad battle with pneumonia that kept me out of school for a long time in the third grade, I was never the same, physically, which in turn, changed me a great deal. Weight matters, but I gave little weight to the concept of animal slaughter and health risks from consuming meat and dairy. It wasn't until the beginning of July (of this year), when I got deathly sick in the U.K. on my last day there, that I decided I couldn't live this way anymore. I lost twelve pounds in three days and it took me three days to return back to New York. During this time, en route to my home, I prayed to make it through. The day that I got home, I found out that