Weighing In On Weight

When I began my vegan journey, I weighed 233 pounds. How did I get here again, after losing 41 pounds in 2015? Easy. I ate whatever I wanted and suffered the consequences. It hadn't been easy to lose the weight the first time. I wasn't doing it for me when I set out to lose the weight back in January 2015. In fact, I remember wanting to look good at my graduation and to fit in a specific dress I purchased from H&M.

I had started drinking a lot of coffee, taking diet pills and using protein powders and body building preworkout drinks. It was insane. I was losing the weight (and fast) but to maintain the results meant that I’d have to become a maniac. After I got stuck at 188, I felt useless. I had tried working out more intensely, but my weight just sat there I couldn’t get below the number 188. I decided to stop weighing myself to avoid feeling like a failure. I took it so personal. Little did I know that a quick change in routine or choice of food would have pushed me into the right direction.

I was down to a size 12 comfortably, and I felt secure. I stopped working out as hard, and picked up eating more fast food. I found working out a chore, and so I began to pull away from it. Two years later, I was four pounds heavier than the original highest weight. I felt defeated by my obesity.

Becoming vegan was spurred on by several things, included this overwhelming feeling I’d get when I realized I had a dead animal in my mouth. I just didn’t want to live that way anymore. Soon, I realized that this was something I could control. I began enjoying the new meals I was creating. Then the byproduct came. I started shedding weight. I also became more spiritually in tuned with myself, and the world around me. My energy began to change. I felt far more compassionate, to the point where I could feel emotions I had never experienced before. I felt a sense of clarity and my skills, like discernment, were sharpened. Then it really happened. The matrix I knew we have all been indoctrinated into was no longer a concern for me. I started speaking about things in a higher self and giving off higher vibrations. Since becoming vegan, I’ve reconnected with people who are also on the same vegan and spiritual journey and it’s beautiful to see how I am being pulled into a higher ascension.

The great Godpower has connected us all, and the more in tuned we are with ourselves and others, the more we will see that the grand plan is likened to the spider’s web on a dewy Saturday at dawn. Our lives cross over, cross contaminate and are interwoven to showcase our beautiful stories. We are all spirits living out the human experience, and some of us are aware of the Source, the Universe, G-d, Allah, the Allseeing Eye, the Omnipotent, Omnipresent... and that we are connected to this power.

I’m learning not to get caught up in the numbers on the scale. It’s been a hell of a mental battle, but I’m beginning to accept the beauty that I carry; that my unique energy is what I should be concerned about. Growing on a higher level is what is important. Yes of course my weight is important for the simple fact that being overweight can be unhealthy, but as I naturally allow the weight to fall off on its own, focusing on things I can control, like what I eat. I am shedding negative thoughts and behaviors as a result.

I’ve got a challenge for anyone reading this today. Try veganism for 7 days. Cook your own meals for a week or opt out of cheese, creams and meat when ordering out. Try swapping your 2% milk for almond, soy or coconut milk. It’s a start. Track how you feel. If you feel better than ever try veganism for a month. I guarantee you that you have nothing to lose, or fear. If you have health concerns, speak to a medical professional about ways to supplement foods to ensure that you are properly being nourished. As always, research the vegan health community and learn about ways to go about approaching a cruelty free diet.

Blessings and Peace in your journey.


NOTE: I am not a member of the medical community. If you have a medical condition, please see a holistic doctor or your primary care physician before changing your diet.


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