Why I Became a Vegan

Veganism was something that I thought long and hard about for a few years. I had always battled with obesity, since the fourth grade, and the shame that tends to come with it that only other people who are obese can understand. As a child, my rapid weight gain came from illnesses and antibiotics that contained steroids. After having a really bad battle with pneumonia that kept me out of school for a long time in the third grade, I was never the same, physically, which in turn, changed me a great deal. Weight matters, but I gave little weight to the concept of animal slaughter and health risks from consuming meat and dairy.

It wasn't until the beginning of July (of this year), when I got deathly sick in the U.K. on my last day there, that I decided I couldn't live this way anymore. I lost twelve pounds in three days and it took me three days to return back to New York. During this time, en route to my home, I prayed to make it through. The day that I got home, I found out that my dear aunt had passed away. She had been battling stage four spinal cancer since February, and the news shook me. I started getting paranoid. I began praying that I wouldn't die. I was extremely weak and ill, and though I managed to get over whatever I had gotten (quite possibly a bug- don't drink the water when you travel-ha!), I didn't feel the same. Little did I know that I was transitioning into a new life.

After viewing What the Health?, a documentary on the corruption of big businesses, the medical industry, the food industry, and the American government, I wanted to become the change that I wanted to see in the world (Ghandi). I spoke to a close friend- an accredited institutionally trained chef, now living in France- who explained the lives of dairy cows, and somehow, it was the magical key that solidified my decision to make this a lifelong change. Between the constant stomach issues, the loss of my aunt, the documentary and the information I had been blessed to receive, I could no longer make excuses about why a burger was just too good. I started feeling repulsed when I smelled meat, as a direct correlation was made, and I no longer had an appetite for anything outside of a plant based diet. I went cold TOFUrkey. Ha!

Then the panic set in. What the hell do I eat now? Lettuce? Nuts? I'M GONNA DIE! This is going to be torture... or so I thought. I had always enjoyed cooking. Friends would lavish in my food and would plead for the recipes. "Ancient Chinese Secret", I'd respond. So many things that I enjoyed making were simply off the top of my head, or from memory, when I'd watch my mom cook the BEST JAMAICAN MEALS EVER, as she sang along to Whitney or Luther on the radio. The Backstreet Boys became her favorite band and she'd hit all the notes. I thank my mom for those memories, because I too, sing the heck out of a song in the kitchen. Don't let fellow-Virgo Beyoncé come on my Apple Music! Dinner will have to wait! Shout outs to B. I would love a duet with her!

Turns out that being vegan is an opportunity to get creative and have fun in the kitchen! I can still make pizza and enjoy a delicious cup of tea. I can still have my curry and Taco Tuesday's. As a Jamaican born young woman, growing up in New York City for over 25 years, I've mastered the art of infusion. Mixed with Chinese, Indian, Scottish, English and African... all to create lil ole me, my meals reflect this beautiful (and somewhat painful) heritage. Jamaican cuisine is already infused with cultures (motto:out of many, one people), and creating these types of meals are effortless and fun for me.

I am enjoying this journey, 28 pounds lighter and feeling like my best self. I welcome you to join me on this journey in my life, and to become apart of The JAMERICAN Vegan journey, as I learn, grow and challenge myself to be my best self. Who knows? I may just inspire a few of you as well?

If you're remotely thinking about veganism, I hope my blog is a great resource for ideas, for strength, and possibly encouragement. Remember, there is a large vegan community out there. You're not alone, and yes, there are more things to eat aside from lettuce. There's like a million different types of lettuce too. I wish you all a long, healthy life. May your journey be filled with light.

Peace, love and light.


PS: I’ve lost three family members to cancer (to date) and I don’t want to keep hearing how this disease continues to take lives. Let’s spread the vegan message together, and I hope we can all get to a place where we find ourselves and our family members in optimum health... cancer and disease free. Change over to a plant based diet, and see how it changes your life. You’ve only got one body. Take care of it.


  1. "I went cold TOFUrkey. Ha!"

    I literally laughed out loud for that one. You're such a dork and I love it!!! Great article, can't wait to read more.

  2. This is honestly great! Can't wait to hear more about your journey :)


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