Anticipation of Vegansgiving

Ahhhh Thanksgiving. The time of year when you’re surrounded by friends, family, and FOOD! Turkey, for one. Turkey is the highlight of the day. Let’s get down to business and be real. I’ve judged someone based off their dry turkey. Yes. Don’t even roll your eyes, because you know you side eye the cook when their turkey is dry. But this year, your girl’s got bigger fish to NOT fry... I’m a vegan approaching the holidays!

Now it’s been cute, posting pictures of meals that I’ve made, and all the texts I’ve received for the recipes (wait for the cookbook baby)- but now, with the holidays on the way, what in the world is a vegan girl supposed to do? My husband is not that hott vegan guy circulating the interwebs, rapping over the Shirley Caesar remix to “beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes”... Lordt, he is fine... moment of silencio, por favor...

 So I’ve got to thinking, which is usually good, unless it leads to overthinking, which is like the worst for a Virgo, but that’s for another day.

Vegansgiving! You heard it here first! And yes I'm coining the phrase, so don’t think that I  didn’t think of this already. I’m already designing a T-shirt so wait for the pics. Here’s the real deal, that’s actually bigger than a meal and pot belly after the fourth helping- and talking to yourself about how you’ll “never eat this much again, I  promise God!”

I  stopped “celebrating” Thanksgiving and Christmas about two years ago when my conscious self said



CS: Well what I need is for you to stop celebrating these holidays!

SFBSAE: WOW! First of all, where is this coming from, and why now? This is too much. Everyday you got something new to tell a sister.

CS: Well let me ask you this, SISTAH SISTAH, since you sooooo smart...

SFBSAE: Ummmm exsqeeze me? Don’t get extra now. I’m about to give you the eviction notice.

CS: Where are the Native Americans?

SFBSAE: I don’t know! On the reservations. Why?

CS: HMM. Okay. Well how’d they wind up there?

SFBSAE: You’re the conscious one, you should know. (SIDE EYE)

CS: Tell me about those pilgrims....

SFBSAE: They came, they saw, they conquered...

CS: Unh hnn and? What about the Trail of Tears? Ain’t you Jamaican? What does the Pilgrims’ holiday have to do with you, aside from spending all your money on food to over eat and forget about  moderation. Ain’t you supposed to be trying NOT to spend?

SFBSAE: Listen, I’m Jamaican, but I live in America, and in America, we celebrate the day the pilgrims feasted.

CS: I wonder if the Natives are feasting on the day that’s pretty much a slap in their face?

SFBSAE: You ruin everything for me and I can’t take you anywhere.

CS: But I speak the truth, and you know this, maaaaaaaan!

So every year I’d cook a normal meal on that day and I wouldn’t contribute to the economy by spending my check on a big old dead bird and what not. I’d spend the day in prayer and  alone, offering God the purest part of myself, to ask for a cleansing and pardoning of times that I  was ungrateful. I’d make a list of things to truly be grateful for and pray over that list. Then I started doing this more often, as I realized that one day out of 365 days is not enough to show gratitude. It’s actually sad.

This year, however, I  am choosing to have a Vegansgiving, where I  give thanks, but in a different way. I want to create a menu that is ALL VEGAN, and all deliciously karma free. I  mean what better way to give thanks than to not have any animals sacrificed in the process? It’s possible. So I  found some mouth watering vegan cheese by “Daiya” and I came up with a recipe and made vegan Mac and Cheese last night. Can I just tell you all I went back for seconds. It was just that real, okay!

I’m creating a list and checking it twice because I’m not big on over-indulging. It’s part of the reason people living in America are some of the most overweight people on the planet- keeping it real, okay!
Of course, I took a picture and I am now trying to research for ingredients to make a vegan roast. I  think that this day of thanks, that will not be on the traditional Thanksgiving Day, will turn out great! I’m praying that God smiles on me and allows me to get some golden cutlery. I think it’s so chic to have gold cutlery on special occasions. I’ll invite my vegan friends over and even non-vegan friends, and I’ll try to upload a video to allow them to honestly taste test and give you guys a real breakdown of the taste. I am excited to challenge my cooking skills for Vegansgiving (and all the other highly commercialized holidays that only get me excited because I get to sleep-which brings me to the question of why we have to work so hard anyway? We need more holidays- just saying). I hope you all find some reason to seek the truth on these capitalistic holidays. Spend time with your family everyday. Make wiser food choices more often. Don’t wait until the holidays to purchase fresh veggies that are often cheaper than canned food. And give thanks more. We have a lot to give thanks for everyday.

Check out my Baked VEGAN Mac and Cheese baby, and please, try the 7 day vegan challenge and see how it  changes your life.

Happy holidays, peace, blessing, love and light...


For more information on the history of the Thanksgiving tradition, check out this blog entry I found!


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