Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs make a difference in cooking. They can take a simple meal to an entirely different level, exciting the taste buds and guaranteeing success in the kitchen. I base my level of success in the kitchen by how many times a person says “daaaaayyyyyyyuuuuummmm”, which is “damn” in basic Black girl language.

Thyme... drumroll please... is on your side! Cymbals clash! I’m corny. I know. Speaking of corn, I should grab some today for a Jamaican Pumpkin soup I want to make. I NEEDS THE CORN!

Ok, I’m done.

So fresh thyme is important because it can really enhance your meat substitute dishes. Seitan and tofu, if you’re transitioning, isn’t the most wonderful thing in the world. It needs work. It needs to be marinated in spices and herbs and sauces, just like ummm... raw meat! You’re probably getting the hang of my dry humor if you’re still reading, and trust me, I appreciate you for it. If you’re not used to dry humor, I’m going to get you open, like legs on a Saturday night after one too many drinks at the club when you said you were going just to “hang” with the girls, but you were really scouting for the next orgasm fix. We all know what “hang with your girls” means on a Saturday night if there is alcohol involved, okay! I hope I didn’t read anyone’s life just now. Anyway, thyme is important.

I’d say a pot of a fresh herb can be super helpful because all it needs is sunlight and a normal environment, with some water here and there to stay alive. You can break off a few stems,  rinse, and toss the little guys into any dish to give you a savory flavor. A few other great herbs to have around are basil, rosemary, and cilantro, but thyme is the one that I would say, no cook should live without.

I remember, growing up, I’d always hear my parents ask if they had three very important things:

1) “Jy (that’s my dad’s accent trying to say Joy), wi av any bred?”
2) “Jy, wi av any tea?”
3) “Jy, wi need any tyyyme?”

These were important questions. Bread meant a secured meal. Tea meant strength to carry through the day, if all you had was toasted bread for breakfast. Thyme, though? THYME was a luxury, yet a necessity to improve all the center piece dishes like curry chicken, rice and peas, steamed cabbage, and so on. Thyme was essential, and if we didn’t have it... let’s just say that I’ve seen my dad walk to the shop in the cold for a bag of thyme. It’s not a game.

So family, if you don’t know, now you know! I impart this beautiful tip to your cooking routine. I hope it makes a difference, and if you’re skeptical, just try three stems and see how you feel. If you like this excerpt, please remember to subscribe, add me on Instagram and of course, share with everyone you know!
Peace, love and light fam!


Side note: I wish we all had a little more thyme...


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