”Oh Baby I Like It Raw!”

ODB isn’t the only person who likes it raw.

Many Raw Vegans talk about the benefits of going into a raw food diet, and coming this January, I am also going to take the plunge. I’m not nervous. I welcome this challenge for myself. I’m already making a list of fruits and veggies in season that I love, and all the smoothies and bowls I plan to make from them. I think I’ll be in chia seed heaven. I’m ready.

Why raw vegan? I have a friend beginning her detox specialist degree, who has studied and proven these things on herself and others. She’s witnessed whole diseases disappear, placing someone on a holistic journey. I am very pleased to see that after gaining a great deal of weight, she was able to lose almost 100 pounds (a little over 7 stones). I’ve been astonished to see how great she looks and how healthy she feels, but she’s not done until she sees a total change. As a Fruitarian now, she discloses that she can feel everything in her body that is not normal. The more she juices, the better she feels.

I was shocked that could survive on fruits. In fact, in my ignorance, i worried about her getting the healthy nutrients she needed. I had to check myself (who gon check me boo?) and remind myself that when I was transitioning to veganism the very first time, I thought my withdrawal symptoms were my body’s way of saying that I wasn’t getting enough protein and iron because I stopped eating meat. WRONG!! So, I did what we all should do when we have questions.I began doing my own research. Turns out that not only can you survive as a raw vegan, but it actually serves multiple benefits.

Truth is, I don’t want to eat seitan forever. I don’t want tofu to be the thing i can’t let go. In fact, i want to taste foods without having to toss salt or pepper on it to “make it better”. It’s perfect on its own, and the strawberry never said it would change. Maybe I’m the one who needs to change my palette.

So family,I’m retraining my taste buds and I’m going to find ways to love food all over again. Everyday being vegan has blessed me abundantly. I’m learning more and more about who I am,and it’s such a good place to be. I have made changes that will enhance my life, and I encourage you all to do what best fits for you. I think this journey has opened my heart and mind, but now, I want my third eye to be my guide. To open my chakras. To pray and mediate more and connect with God, my higher power. I want to do more, feel more, love more, live more. I want to be grounded in the moment. I want karma-free food to change my life forever.

I think when you’re on the right path, you begin to see numbers and signs. You experience serendipity far more often. You find things placed on your path that says “yes, you’re exactly where you need to be.” In this moment, writing to you all, i am exactly where I need to be. I hope you can feel me, sending you love and warmth at this moment in your day.

I’ll leave you with this message. I was watching a video on a woman who went vegan, but even more than this, she began to grow all of her food. She looked amazing. I WANTED HER SKIN. She may never know how many people she reaches, but she definitely got to me. I wanted to be the best vegan I could be. I started the journey with no apprehension. She inspired me to do better.

I leave with this charge. Try the 7 day vegan challenge and watch how it changes your life. You’d be surprised how great you feel and you’ll want more. Thousands of animals dying each year may not affect you when you eat meat, because it makes you numb. Yes. NUMB. You take on that animals spirit and it does something to you. It changes you. Create a list of meals and substitutes and begin the 7 day vegan challenge and listen to your body. If you make it through the week, add on another. Then another. Then challenge yourself for a month. I believe that you can do it. If I’ve given up oxtails, you can do it. Let me know how your journey is going. Leave me a comment and ask questions. If I don’t know, I’ll direct you to a source that will know, or an article to do your own research. I believe in you.Please, put you first. Health is wealth.

Peace,love and light,



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