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I love brushing my teeth. After every meal is about accurate for me. I keep a toothbrush in my purse. Never know when your breath may start to smell a little funky after eating garlic hummus and pita chips. May need to scrub that tongue before you start talking to people in their face. You probably should excuse yourself before meet and greet in a church service if you’ve had your mouth closed for too long. Church has some of the worst breaths (I love y’all, don’t be mad) after the service and everyone knows what I’m talking about because you’re usually very hungry after they say the final “amen.” Hello somebody (as my favorite childhood Pastor would say).

Hello somebody. Hello, anybody out there? Anybody ever read the list of ingredients in their toothpaste? One vegan day, not too long ago, I thought: 

Conscious Self (CS): Girrrrrrrl

Self Formed By Society And Experiences (SFBSAE): What you need girl?

CS: Gurl! I need you too check those ingredients.

SFBSAE: I check all my food ingredients. First of alllllllll, I barely even have ingredients to check, because the only thing I rarely eat is seitan or crumbles anyway, so what is the problem?

CS: Uh uh! Watch your tone. I’m trying to help you out. Catch an attitude with me! I’ll throw it back!

SFBSAE: What am I looking at? So annoying!

CS: Girl that toothpaste! Lemme see what it got up in that.

SFBSAE: (Flips toothpaste over. Glosses over ingredients. Side eyes out from peripheral, as if to admit that Conscious Self was right. Sighs.) Ugh!

CS: What is that one?

SFBSAE: I don’t know. I can’t even pronounce it.

CS: They trying to kill us! Look that one up!

SM: Which one?! It’s a lot.

CS: Girl at this point, all of them. The one ending in 407 is a good start. Why the toothpaste got numbers?

SFBSAE: Right!! Why is it 407? That’s probably how many times they tested it before making sure it could go in the toothpaste.

CS: I love when you think without me.

SM: So this one “poloxamer 407” in this research article says it causes fat lipids to develop more frequent in lab mice.

CS: WOW! And they trying to keep you fat!

SM: Oh hellllllll naw! Weh di rasssssssssss!

CS: Blouse and shirt, pant and shirt! Check what that next one say? We need to research. Where can we get fluoride free toothpaste?....


And so it began. I went to Whole Foods and struggled, but eventually found this vegan toothpaste “Desert Essence” that was on sale, and I’ve been happy with the results so far. In fact, it gives me such a good clean mouth feeling that I had no problem spending an extra dollar to ensure that I’m not placing harsh chemicals in my mouth. 

It’s sick and twisted, but don’t be overwhelmed or give up. You can make the changes, little by little. Aren’t we worth it? Our families? Your children? Aren’t we worth putting our health first to have a better tomorrow. You are worth it. Each one of us is worth it. Just don’t believe that it’s too much To start making a change, so much so that you refrain from even trying. Every little thing counts. I’ve heard many people say, “well we’re all gonna die anyway, so what’s the sense in doing all that stuff?” To that type of question, I ask this: Are you not worth making the changes to help yourself to live a fruitful life? Are you and your family members destined to a life of suffering or “disease”, simply because it is too expensive or tedious to make the changes? I understand that it harder to see the cheaper price on an item and get that food or product because you’re saving, but then maybe you should research the cost, stress, and tie for enduring chemotherapy or treatment for illnesses. There has been a link to longevity of life and diet. If you don’t believe me, check out Loma Linda’s studies on vegetarians and vegan elderly people who are living well into their 100’s, and very active. That’s just a start. Don’t take my word for it. Do your research.

And to all these corporations with all these harsh and horrible chemicals in our foods and our products, Conscious Self has a message...

CS: I’m onto you! (Side eye)

Peace, love and light.


Post Script: One day, vegans will make a change to enforce that all these big businesses in control of food and medicines STOP MAKING PRODUCTS DETRIMENTAL TO THE HEALTH OF PEOPLE. This agenda to keep people sedated and weak using foods and drugs has got to stop! We know the truth.

For more information on Poloxamer 407, read this scientific journal article.


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