Whole Foods Review

I went to Whole Foods with my friend Fizza a few days ago, and our experience was interesting, surprising and wonderful. I did not intentionally mean to stare at the associate stacking water, nor did I intentionally mean to see him again in the aisle that carried the Nutritional Yeast and Gluten I needed to get, but was too nervous to stay in his aisle. I also didn’t mean to tell him that he was beautiful, and then correct myself to tell him he was actually very handsome. I didn’t mean it, yet all of what happened that evening was intentional. I also have no behavior in public. Moment of silence for my friends.

As Fizz (as I affectionately call her) looked for pasta sauce with basil and garlic, a woman, also looking for sauce overheard me saying “Oh hell no! Nine dollars for a sauce!? Uh uh!” She giggled and then randomly asked if either one of us were vegan? Vegans seem to always find each other, and it’s such a great feeling when we do. We talked about pasta, then water, and then, seamlessly, Fizz plugged THE JAMERICAN VEGAN in, and even though I hadn’t thought initially, that I was ready to reveal myself (haha, I’m my own celebrity to myself), I stepped up to the plate to give my website name to another vegan for the first time.

She was new in her journey, and we had so many similarities! For one, we both had the same pain that started in our necks, ran down our right arms and spread across our chest. We talked about how many times we both went and got EKG’s for this pain that no one could explain, that resembled a heart attack or a stroke. Becoming vegan changed our lives, as we were both able to rid ourselves of this pain, but reminded her that it was a journey, and that patience was very important in veganism. Overnight success is not common.

The thing about meeting vegans that I love, is the level of compassion we feel. It only grows, month after month. You’re less judgmental of others, kinder with your words, and your disposition is a bit more gentle. It’s a wonder why vegans tend to love to find other vegans. The woman and I eventually parted ways after I was able to recommend a good vegan toothpaste, and then Fizz and I wrapped up in the salad bar. As we were leaving, Fizz saw some smoothie samples. “It’s vegan”, she shouted to me, immediately getting my interest. “Yaaaaaaaas vegan”, I said back, grabbing the cup, then quickly asking “what is this?”

“Strawberry, banana smoothie with almond milk,” said the beautiful sistah sistah barista. #melaninrocks

“Oh, I’m allergic to bananas,” I responded, with a little disappointment in my tone, as Fizz simultaneously sighed and echoed “she’s allergic to bananas.” Somehow, the barista mentioned the Eggnog Latte that was vegan. She whipped up a sample, and we gave it try. With the aroma of espresso, the flavor of coconut milk, and the richness of the eggnog, I almost lost all my marbles and purchased a cup. It was late, however, and late night coffee was only reserved for all-nighters. She then told me that she was vegan as well, and the moment she said her name (Sydney), I felt that serendipity was in the air. I told her that was also my cousins name, and that I’d love to talk about her kindness on my website. Vegans are so dope. (Side note: be kind to your baristas. Baristas need love. Baristas are your friend and will make drinks with love if you are just as sweet. If love is missing, your drink won’t taste good).

So after getting the opportunity to try the Eggnog Latte at Whole Foods, based on one random act of kindness from Sydney, I can concur that is a great drink for coffee or eggnog lovers during the holiday season, especially if you are a vegan. I think Whole Foods is an amazing market and maybe one day, they’ll work with me to help me put out my Jamaican-American vegan meals. Jamaicans deserve a spot on the shelves too Whole Foods! I can be that Jamaican for you Whole Foods! I am that Jamaican! We bring the flava, okay!
Special thank you to Sydney, the barista at the Whole Foods in Amherst, New York. If you’re ever in the Canada or Western New York area, and you go there to get coffee but Sydney is there, I can assure you that you will be pleased with your drink.

As always, Peace, love and light...


Note: I am not endorsed by Whole Foods, or any other outside sources. My reviews are strictly based on my taste buds. Go forth and let your taste buds be your guide. 


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