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I know that for many, veganism seems difficult. Many of my friends tell me they’d never give up meat; that they love the taste and that they don’t care about the animals that die in the process.  Normally, I’d give a statistic or talk about what veganism has done for me- but as of about two months ago, something clicked. 

I remembered all the times I started the vegan journey and it fell through because I hadn’t wired my brain to feel compassion for animals- to love myself enough to want better. I also felt a bit embarrassed for constantly going against the grain. I don’t have many vegan friends, and I definitely don’t have any family members to relate to, and so, in the process of going vegan, I’ve had to analyze who respects my choices. Many “friends” would try to get me to eat meat, or say “I won’t tell anyone if you eat this”. Still, I’ve held my ground, beyond the cravings. Beyond the detox phase where my skin looked HORRIBLE. Beyond the Jamaican food that I grew up eating and loving all my life. 

You see, I had to remember that I was not born a vegan, and that it took me so many years to begin feeling the way that I do today, which is a constant connection to my personal truth. The fact of the matter is, I am a better person for being vegan, and it isn’t just about food. It’s is my way of life. Still, I understand that everyone tastes time, and only in their time will they wake up and realize that they are eating an animal that once had a life and a soul, just like you and me.

I switched the wires and I continue to affirm my decision with the support of the Vegan community I follow online, the research I complete to learn about the benefits of a plant based diet, and watching documentaries to reinforce my decision. I’ve gotten over the cravings months ago. I’ve also declined to be around people who could not respect my decision to choose a plant based diet. I want to encourage you all. If you’ve just started your vegan journey, and you’re tempted, even if it’s day one, you didn’t come this far to only come this far. You may be forming your thoughts around just doing it. If you’re thinking about going vegan, just act on it. A great documentary to start on is “What The Health”. That one solidified my choice to stay vegan. 

I don’t care what you could make with meat that tastes good. Nothing tastes better than saving a life. There is no barbecued flesh that can unturned my stomach, because all I can see is the image of an innocent creature being tortured to become a meal. If humans were lower in the animal kingdom, and we were constantly hunted, tortured, killed and cooked by other animals, we’d live in fear and never know what it means so be free. This is how animals feel. They don’t ask to become a part of our meals. They just want to live. We should all be a little outraged by the barbaric nature of our global society, yet I understand that I can only do my part. I choose to be vegan, which is so much more than the title. I choose to live my best life. 

Won’t you join me? If you’ve already started the lifestyle, won’t you continue to stand in your truth? I challenge you to make a decision to put your health first. I challenge you to open your heart to the possibility of loving other creatures outside of household pets. I challenge you to help create a safer planet for us all and the future generations. I challenge you to do better.

Peace, love and light.


PS: I believe in being the kind of vegan I’d want to meet, so my compassion extends to human beings too. We may not be on the same journey, but we are one. I accept and love others for where they are, and I encourage you all to try veganism to live a healthier and happier life... because we all deserve this.   And of course, if you think you can’t do this, just remember this... I was once eating a big plate of oxtails with no remorse. The day of my awakening changed it all. Everything in divine time.


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