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Celebrity Vegan Corner: True Johnson

Celebrity Vegan Corner: True Johnson February 1, 2018 Sheree Grant Each month, I personally select vegans for my Celebrity Vegan Corner, to be featured for their outstanding work. While some vegans in my interviews may not be considered "celebrities" according to societies standards, I strongly believe that in the vegan community, they are doing great things. True is a vegan that I have personally known since high school, and I am featuring her this month because she represents so much of what I love about veganism. She has a profound love for animals and nature, she's athletic and very spiritual, yet above all, she takes her life seriously by working on herself daily. Part of that work involves spending much of her time counseling and helping others to be their best selves. As a former correction officer at a prison, I watched my friend  take on the stress of the job. It had taken a toll on her, physically. I saw my close friend who had always walked