Celebrity Vegan Corner: True Johnson

Celebrity Vegan Corner: True Johnson

February 1, 2018
Sheree Grant

Each month, I personally select vegans for my Celebrity Vegan Corner, to be featured for their outstanding work. While some vegans in my interviews may not be considered "celebrities" according to societies standards, I strongly believe that in the vegan community, they are doing great things. True is a vegan that I have personally known since high school, and I am featuring her this month because she represents so much of what I love about veganism. She has a profound love for animals and nature, she's athletic and very spiritual, yet above all, she takes her life seriously by working on herself daily. Part of that work involves spending much of her time counseling and helping others to be their best selves.

As a former correction officer at a prison, I watched my friend  take on the stress of the job. It had taken a toll on her, physically. I saw my close friend who had always walked around with confidence, in her sports bras, Girbaud jeans and Prada shoes go from washboard abs that were kissed by the gods to weight gain at a slow and steady pace. We lost touch, though every year, I'd send her a happy birthday text or call. We were never truly disconnected. 

We reunited again, and like magic, she was as fit as she had always been, yet there was something different about True. She was happier, had a lighter spirit, and was far more transparent than she had ever been. Back in High School, True was the popular girl that every guy wanted to date and every girl wanted to be. She had always been beautiful, but few had the pleasure of knowing her spirit. I was fortunate to be able to see a side of her that I recognized in its totality when we reconnected, and it was evident that she and I had both experienced the same thing. We had gone through an awakening, and our decision to go vegan was a byproduct of that experience. Once you start seeing things clearly, it's difficult to go backwards.

Photo: True in October 2017.
True has recently begun studying to become a detox specialist, as she has been able to heal herself from obesity and other physical ailments. She speaks to the power of manifesting things in your life by being positive and having a connection to God. She strongly believes in listening to your body, but also understanding that what you eat, especially as a vegan, is only part of the journey. She has recently started up a partnership with a fellow vegan to create "Go Vegan Philly". She's anticipating doing a lot more consultations this year and working on creating awesome juice blends to service the Philly area. True is an excellent example of the multifaceted parts of veganism, and how adopting a vegan lifestyle can be beneficial in many ways.

Here is a little more personal insight on True, in our one-on-one interview on the vegan lifestyle.

Why did you go vegan and what have you noticed since you became vegan?

My vegan journey should be broken up into a two part series! It started and stopped back in 2009. My godmother had cancer at the time, and I would take her to this health food store in Long Island, NY. She would buy wheatgrass to bring home and juice. I would take her every weekend. I was fascinated by my introduction to healthy living, however my godmother succumbed to her illness later that year, leaving me with a lack of faith and belief in the healing properties of this "so-called" plant based lifestyle.

I felt like this plant-based lifestyle was inevitable for me to adapt to because shortly after her passing, a video was sent to me featuring the late, great Dr. Sebi, a man who cured individuals of diseases that were supposedly "incurable" . I began to study video after video of his teachings. After a few years, I was convinced of two things: 1) that my lack of knowledge pertaining to who I was caused me to be misinformed throughout the years of what I was doing to my body and 2) I now knew that if I had received misinformation, then that meant so did many,which included my godmother. The misinformation was so overwhelming that it compelled me to change my life overnight.

What should people expect when they begin juicing?

Photo: True juicing away 
with organic fruits and 
One should expect to be extremely hungry and maybe even a little sluggish, with an occasional headache every now and then. This change is a shock to your body, and this response comes from all the new information your body is receiving. Let's imagine a train that has been coasting for years on the same track. Imagine now that the train must abruptly shift onto a different track, going at the same speed. Juicing may cause your body to derail, because it is an abrupt change from the way most non-vegans consume food. It is also important to note that your hormones could be on board, on your ride to wellness. Whenever you make changes to your normal regimen you should expect your body to react in a way different from what you maybe currently experiencing. Don’t fret though, you’ll reap in the results of the changes you’ve made. Your body will reward you!

What advantages outshine the difficult processes? 

The results will be amazing. Just think- throughout your entire life you’ve put things into your body that you shouldn’t have... things that weren’t good or foreign to your system as a whole. Most of us were never really taught the true definition of what a cohesive, balanced diet consisted of. If you suffer from skin issues, detoxing will clear that up. The cause and effect to this existence is evident. The first thing that I noticed, for me, was the clearing of skin issues. I knew I was headed in the right direction. I woke up with all of this energy- even woke up before the alarm went off- with so much energy, I literally did flips out of bed! You’ll notice a spark in your spirit. You become more positive in your thoughts and emotions. You start to feel better about yourself and things around you. Your spiritual connection even brightens and you start to have epiphanies that never occurred to you before. These are my own personal experiences of what I noticed for myself during my detox. It was truly an awakening!

How do you feel veganism impacts your spiritual journey? 

Veganism has made my spiritual journey unravel. Like a flower bud that finally blossomed and bloomed. I say this because I’ve noticed how clear my thoughts have become since going vegan. To be spiritually attuned has a lot to do with how clean you eat.  

The cleaner the clearer. No doubt they go hand in hand. I call it GODS food. Foods that are closer to nature are packed with electricity and power which in turn is fuel and nourishment for the body. You are giving the body what it needs to rebuild,restructure and refortify itself. After you’ve had a deep cleansing you’ll notice you’re more at peace, because the body is no longer stressed. Your brain goes back to its normal functions, leaving you with clearer thoughts, joy and happiness in your heart. You're ready to receive God. Think of it as cleaning out your house or your car. Don’t you have a sense of relief afterwords? When the body is not well, neither are your thoughts. Everything is all over the place. You need order. You’ll find that order once you detox and go vegan.

What pressing matter do you feel the public should know?

It is important to know that there is a cohesive order to life. What you put out, you will surely get back, so with that being said, you must note that Food is just one source of energy. Your thoughts, your words and your actions are even more important. You are energy first, before you are human to even receive food. Your energy is such a powerful force that if you're putting out loving energy, you’ll be rewarded with loving results. That goes for everything in life. You can eat as healthy as you like, however if your ego outweighs your souls identity to love, you will still have the experiences contributed to that type of energy that you’ve been exercising.

Photo: True in Roatan, Honduras, 2015

I know you’re working on getting certified in detoxing. What made you want to do this?

I’ve always had empathy for individuals that struggle with health issues, especially because I would feel helpless in their presence. I’ve had several family members that have passed away at the hands of what man calls "diseases". I also see the struggle for so many, day-to-day, because I work in the medical field. I thought that if there was a way that I could help, even if it was one person, I would be beyond thankful. Although my human self is not perfect, I understand that at my core I am LOVE and that is all that I want to express to the world, because GOD is love, therefore such is life.

How has your weight gain and loss impacted your life overall?

Photo: True in Honduras, 2015.
Prior to my weight loss, I was very insecure, felt less attractive, and hated shopping for myself. My clothes did not
fit right or feel right. I hated looking in mirrors or taking pictures. The confidence that has come from the knowledge of spirituality and my weight loss has blessed my life in so many ways. I feel beyond elated with the happiness that I feel on a consistent basis. Everything is falling into place, I’m always happy and smiling. I no longer feel sluggish and tired all the time. I am a lot more active. Sometimes I tear up just from how thankful I am for this experience. GOD is beyond amazing. 

For those who are struggling with weight loss, my advice is when you're on the right path, don't look at the struggle. Look at the goal. A lot of people get discouraged when focusing on the struggle, but like the mustard seed that knew what it was going to become, and just became it, you too will become the fitness goal you have for yourself if you remain on the path. Your determination is what seals the deal for your goal. If you are determined and you are following a vegan regimen, the results will come. You should allow your intuition to lead you to decide whether you should detox, go raw, or juice. 

If you could do it again...

There is nothing that I would say I’d do differently because I don’t believe in mistakes, I only believe that there are experiences to be had from your very own choices, so choose however you feel, intuitively. From those choices you’ll create a journey of your own making.

Photo: Go Vegan Philly's Taste Test, January 2018.

What can we look for in the near future from you and your team? What projects/ business ventures have you begun?

At this present moment my team and I are hard at work, bringing veganism to the city of Philadelphia. Currently are offering a meals on wheels delivery service. We have meals, fresh cold-pressed juices, smoothies, parfaits and even wellness shots that are 100% vegan and organic. All alkalizing godliness . The future is now so with that being said, I see detox centers replacing hospitals. I see love replacing hate. I see a world of healing and harmony. I see greatness from my past, into my present and future. 

Photo: True with friends and members of the Philadelphia 
community at her Go Vegan Philly Taste Test,
 January 2018.

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