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Celebrity Vegan Corner: Lord U. Allah

Celebrity Vegan Corner: Lord U. Allah, CPT March 1, 2018 Sheree Grant Life has a tendency to bring things full circle. There are some people you assume you'll never see again; then there are others you find, popping up in moments of serendipity, to remind you of your growth, and to reveal who you are at your core. Childhood friends have a tendency to do this to me, making me grateful when I've reconnected with those that were never truly lost. Evidently, we all find each other again, in divine time. When I started out to write this entry, I was convinced that I had known the man I interviewed. We had gone to the same high school, taken a lot of the same classes together, and we shared the same friends and circles. Despite the years I hadn't seen him and all the life that happened in between, I was certain that he would still be the same man I knew he'd be... and I was correct. He had the same qualities of the kind spirit I had known, yet there had been a sign