Celebrity Vegan Corner: Lord U. Allah

Celebrity Vegan Corner: Lord U. Allah, CPT

March 1, 2018
Sheree Grant

Life has a tendency to bring things full circle. There are some people you assume you'll never see again; then there are others you find, popping up in moments of serendipity, to remind you of your growth, and to reveal who you are at your core. Childhood friends have a tendency to do this to me, making me grateful when I've reconnected with those that were never truly lost. Evidently, we all find each other again, in divine time.

When I started out to write this entry, I was convinced that I had known the man I interviewed. We had gone to the same high school, taken a lot of the same classes together, and we shared the same friends and circles. Despite the years I hadn't seen him and all the life that happened in between, I was certain that he would still be the same man I knew he'd be... and I was correct. He had the same qualities of the kind spirit I had known, yet there had been a significant change. I was so excited when I found out that he had been in touch with True (February's Celebrity Vegan Corner feature), and that his personal and spiritual growth had led him to this place where he was living a life that was of service to others, helping people to change their lives for the better. I had also learned that he was vegan! For many, he is Lord, but for me, he's just Mosh- however, the more I read his responses, I learned that Lord had experienced major growth! It is truly a beautiful experience when you awaken and you find people from your past who've also gone on their own spiritual journey. Though each journey is different, it is a wonderful when you can see the evolution.

Lord is very unique. In high school, he had always stood apart from many of the young men that attended our school in Queens. He was always outspoken, but he was never rude. He liked to see people laughing and often joked around to make classes fun, but he wasn't a clown. Lord was the type of student to make everyone laugh while still getting his work done. Even the teachers liked him (but as a former public school teacher, I can attest that this is a favorable personality type for any classroom. It makes the classroom work). He was lighthearted. I never saw him out of character. Even at a young age, he had become an up-stander, and a role model for other young men. I remember his intelligence, and his love for creating. Lord loves to sing, and I always thought he'd go on to do a network television show, where he'd get a recording contract or publicity. He loved r&b, and those who know him, know that he is always singing. He also loved art, which was why our group of friends really connected. I think all of us can honestly say Mr. Sullivan's (or Sully as we called him) art class was a place where we could be ourselves and allow our sense of creativity to be explored. Often times, I'd pass through Sully's classroom and work on art instead of going to lunch. Lord was also an Art major, like myself, in high school, which was, to a large degree, how we became friends.

Photo: Art in Physique
Still, I didn't really know Lord, or at least, not the way I thought I knew him. After reconnecting, I could actually hear the difference when I spoke to him. Witnessing Lord's growth helps me to self-reflect, and to remember that I too, have grown from the young girl who loved to create, skipping lunch for art, because I was a rebel. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Founder/CEO of Bodies Divine Fitness, LLC, Lord has truly worked hard for all of his accomplishments, living a selfless life to better the lives of all those who may come in contact with him. I am greatly inspired by Lord's journey, and I can only hope that my interview with him inspires you all to evolve, to grow, to welcome change and to take the first step- to choose a healthier life for yourself and your family.


How long have you been vegan, and what inspired you to go vegan?

Photo: Lord and his best friend Cermantha during 
her kidney donation process
Well, technically speaking, I don't consider myself "vegan". Before that word or title ever came to be, many of our ancestors were already on a plant-based diet. So, for name sake, let's just consider me "plant-based". I started my transition a short time after I donated one of my kidneys to my best friend Cermantha, on July 13, 2016. My mental journey began with me deciding not to cook any animal products myself. I officially made my transition on the anniversary of our life-changing surgery, July 13 2017, and haven't looked back since. I've always been an advocate for life, and as a person that trains people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, I feel it's best to inform others, without pressuring them, of the best option I feel is available. While their may be many that are either doing it for the sake of human life or the sake of animal life, I like to think of myself as a hybrid of the two... because the most important component is life. Everyone has a right to live, regardless of your species. In the words of the late Dr. Sebi "One must consume life to maintain and sustain itself - NOT death.". While tomorrow may never be promised, I believe we should never neglect the possibility of it.

Many people believe that going vegan will make them lose weight rapidly. Some worry that they won't be able to build muscle, or that their efforts in the gym will become null. What do you say to people who feel this way about changing their diet?

While there is definitely some truth to that, most don't take the time to research it. Going plant-based will definitely cause you to lose some pounds, but just like any other diet, you need to find a balance. I was there myself. I didn't assume that all I'd be eating were leaves, like most un- or misinformed folks. But it was definitely hard to figure out what to eat for that oh-so important macro for gains... PROTEIN! Once I researched it, and applied that knowledge, I was able to regain the weight I lost, increase my gym performance and feel alot better physically, mentally and spiritually. Not to mention, I was able to get those gains back, without the use of a protein supplement.

What inspires you to continue to be vegan? Was there ever a time that it was difficult?

My continued inspiration comes from seeing all the possibilities in my future. The experiences of life are so vast. I want to be at optimum efficiency when I take on all challenges. I want to smile longer with loved ones, and I want to prevent the chance of me contracting as many diseases as possible that may hinder these visions I have. Now, it does get hard at times. I can't eat at IHOP or down 2 pints of H├Ągen Daz vanilla like I use to, but I find alternatives that still taste delicious. I take pride in the fact that 90% of my diet is prepared by my hands alone. When I go out to eat with my people or I travel, I'm lucky enough to have peers that are considerate or on a similar path as me. In case I'm not with them, I research the food options of the restaurant I'm going to. If there aren't many, I make sure to either eat before going or bring some snacks with me. You've got to be resourceful with this thing.

Now that you are vegan, how has your body been impacted positively? Have you ever found any drawbacks?

So far, I can't say I've  had any drawbacks. I've always been a pretty vibrant person, and that hasn't changed. TMI, I can say there are more bathroom trips than ever before.  I just chalk that up to my body operating the way it should.

What advice would you give anyone seeking to transition to a plant based diet?

RESEARCH. Don't just go into this without knowing how to maintain it. Consult people that are already doing it. Most importantly, make sure your reason is strong. If you don't have a strong enough foundation of reasoning for ANYTHING, it's not something you're going to likely stick with.

A lot of men who work out tend to be worried about receiving sufficient protein from a plant-based diet. How do you continue to stay fit and train people, and what are the benefits of training as a vegan?

Photo: Gains that are not achieved using protein supplements
I make sure I have a sufficient amount of exercise & rest daily, but most importantly, it all comes back to balance. Most of the largest & strongest animals in the world are herbivores. There's a reason for that. Protein itself originates from plants. There are "vegan" bodybuilders... how do we think that is? Some of which haven't eaten a meal with animal protein in YEARS, and found great benefits. Ultimately, you have to know what you're doing, and you have to be all in. You've got plenty of plant-based protein sources... beans, nuts, seeds, even some fruits & veggies contains amounts of protein that people are unaware of. You can also get plant-based protein supplements. As a matter of fact, any supplements I suggest to my clients have to be plant-based. Your body has to be able to breakdown & absorb the nutrients in food quickly and efficiently. People don't know that it takes so much longer on a diet with animals, and sometimes it may not break it all down. Then your body goes through a phase of fatigue called "the itis", when it should be energized by the foods we eat.

In February's interview with True Johnson, we spoke about the spiritual aspect being just as important as consuming electrical foods. In your opinion, how do they go hand in hand?

As I said before, I'm an advocate for life. I believe there are so many spiritual benefits that stem from consuming foods that maintain & improve the function of life. We always say that we need to cherish our temple. I don't believe most understand the deeper meaning in that. By eating plant-based foods, we take in the energy of what is natural, enhancing our vision and perception. Once you take in life, everything improves. I've read research where correlations were made between consuming animals and people taking on a more savage-like nature, at varying levels. This may not be true for all, but speaking for myself and witnessing the world around me, I can say there is a calmer tone to the individual on a plant-based diet. Majority of the foods I take in are considered alkaline or electric. In myself, I found there's a change in my energy. I feel more apart of the world, and I have a level of clarity I've never had before. I guess the experience may vary from person to person though.

Photo: Lord Lifting
Do you find that veganism is a gateway to a more holistic approach to life?

Well, we say "let your food be your medicine". There are a vast amount of medicinal benefits to a plant-based diet. I believe there is a cure for all ailments, and they can all be found in nature. In various plant species there are vitamins & minerals that our body needs to function at it's best. I feel like if people willingly took on this approach, the enhancement of our state of being would improve ten-fold. My father use to tell me that if people were to change their diet, in 3 generations we'd be able to communicate with our minds. As a believer in possibility, I think it can be done. In the past, we may very well have been able to do so much more than we are currently capable of now.  Who's to say a true awakening isn't upon us?

What is your favorite vegan meal?

Hm... that's tough. I would have to say most anything with quinoa. I've put together so many meals with quinoa, it's not even funny... but it's always good. Then there's pizza. Because even vegans have junk food.

If there was one thing that you could tell everyone, vegans and non-vegans, that you feel people should know, what would it be?

Know what your putting in as well as on your body. Just because you're on a vegan diet, that doesn't necessarily mean you're healthy. We have to make conscious decisions of how we treat the vessels we inhabit. We don't always know what's going in or on the food we eat or what's in the products we put on our bodies. We expect that it's not something that will kill us. Keep in mind, the companies that sell you the dream, don't always have your best interest at heart. And anything you do use or consume should be researched for its short- and long-term effects. The things you may get away with now... may ultimately become your downfall.

Photo: Relaxed and Natural
On a great day, you are...?

On ANY day, I am excellent. I have nothing but positive thoughts. Things I can control now, I get to work on. Things that are out of my control, I don't worry about. My focus is a prosperous future for myself and those around me.

You can find Lord on the web @

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As he continues to grow and makes his mark, I only hope to support him with positive thoughts/words, and encouragement.

Peace, love and light,



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