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Curried Jackfruit

Curried Jackfruit with pasta, sautéed kale, purple cabbage and red onion, grilled bell peppers, fresh Roma tomatoes and homemade guacamole. Jackfruit should be sautéed in frying pan with spices and herbs (like thyme).  Jackfruit is great at absorbing flavor, and because of its meaty texture, it takes on similar qualities to "pulled pork" or "shredded chicken". Jackfruit is especially helpful for those transitioning to a plant based diet.

Celebrity Vegan Corner: Jay Troupe

Celebrity Vegan Corner: Jay Troupe ___________________________________________________                         April 1, 2018     |    Sheree Grant   | ___________________________________________________ Newark, NJ -  Cool as a cucumber, charismatic and conscious. Those were the first words that popped into my conscious thoughts when I first sat to write about this month's Celebrity Vegan. Jay Troupe, from VeganzNdaHood and Whole Hoodz is truly an inspiration. As a father, conscious fashion designer,  and advocate (in various capacities) for human and animal life, Jay has worked to change the way people think about what they eat, wear and how their decisions affect others. I had the pleasure of speaking to Jay a few months ago, and after our talk, I understood his cause and the vision he has for a better world. As he uses multiple platforms to accomplish this vision, this humble advocate challenges us all to pay attention to