Celebrity Vegan Corner: Ralph Smart

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Celebrity Vegan Corner: Ralph Smart
Sheree Grant      |     May 1, 2018      |     www.thejamericanvegan.com

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Photo: Ralph Smart- author, psychologist and numerologist.
I really love Ralph Smart. I've actually messaged him a few times to see if he'd let me personally interview him. Ralph's kind of busy at the moment. I totally understand.

With over 1 million YouTube subscribers, Ralph's channel has grown to spread to his message of self love, healing, awakening and a vegan lifestyle to viewers worldwide. While I haven't had the opportunity to speak to him yet, I am confident that we'll speak someday in the future. it's important to me, and here's why...

"...sacrificing my dreams for the comfort of others is unfair to my soul."

2 years ago, I was standing in a large, open field, at a tech private school in Boston. It was late, and I was exhausted from working an 18 hour shift that day, teaching young, brilliant minds how to code robots and build chariots to drive them in a race. It was dark enough that I couldn't see beyond the forest, yet light enough to admire the stars in the blue-black sky, with the slate grey pillows that slowly drifted across the universe.

I was at a crossroads in my life. I wasn't sure if I was moving back to western New York, to the third most segregated city in the nation, or if I'd follow through on my initial plan to move to D.C. I felt like there was a shift inside of me. I looked up at the stars and stood in awe, as the dome around me felt like it would close in. I started feeling different inside, about my existence, and that I had been here before. In one night, many things began to make sense. I saw my purpose, and the great work that had to be done. My writing was something that I couldn't put on the back-burner anymore. My music couldn't choke with my fear of greatness. I could not dim my shine for everyone else, because sacrificing my dreams for the comfort of others is unfair to my soul.

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Well I moved back to NY, and instead of following the new epiphany, I retreated into the hermit mode I had always carried. Virgo. The Maiden. The lonely hermit. The misunderstood mystery. I retreated to my shell, and dimmed the light, so as not to disturb anyone or do away with all my modesty. Then one day, in one of my lowest moments, I decided to watch a video my friend sent me weeks before. Maybe it was months? When I saw it, I glanced at it originally and thought "what the heck is this hocus pocus bullshit?" It was the first Ralph Smart video I'd ever seen, and I was hooked. I had tried going vegan for a while, but I could never stick to it. I kept missing the taste of cheese or the flavor of Jamaican chicken. I didn't want to stop.

Image result for ralph smartRalph started talking about the 7 day vegan challenge. I started laughing at his videos. I shared his videos to everyone I thought would benefit from a word of encouragement. Before I realized it, I began binge watching his videos, and I had to start and end my day with his positivity. Coupled with moments of serendipity and the ability to see more than I could before my awakening, I grew to love Ralph and appreciate him for being transparent. Ralph Smart not only influenced me to go vegan, but he is the reason that I even have a blog. Ralph inspired me to trust my gut and follow my heart. For this, I am eternally grateful to a man who has yet to meet me.

I changed careers last year. I was unhappy in my field, and it got to the point where everyday, I felt that I had lost a bit more of myself. Ralph's videos inspired me to take a chance and change my life to suit my personal truth. He continues to inspire many each day.

So while I could wait until I get an opportunity to interview this awesome human being, I have to give credit where it is due. Ralph, if you ever get to read this- thanks, for more than you'll ever know...

Peace, love and light,


Here's a good start. Go breathe in that good ass prana my loves.

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