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I was first captured by Project Plants back when I started my Instagram. I was new to "The Gram", and of course, because it's me, I was concerned about following people that wouldn't uplift, inform or assist me in becoming my greatest self. Project Plants started up around the same time I created my page to post information about my website. Since then, I've been fortunate enough to develop a connection with the founder Meaghan Rolle.

Photo: Project Plants Brand
I chose to do a spread on Project Plants this month because it is truly a movement. Rolle not only educates her followers on the food industry and misinformation in the medical and scientific field, but she also works to dispel the false information plaguing the internet and minds of everyday civilians. Rolle sees the importance of bringing awareness to the general public, as she breaks down the impact we have on our environment, and how we can each change the world, one act at a time.

I was drawn into Project Plants because of the special flare the page had. Unlike many "conscious" pages on Instagram, Rolle's page was a bit different. Rolle occasionally raps and freestyles, tapping into vegan and environmental colloquialism that is easy to relate to and understand. By bringing the information to her followers in a way that everyone can connect to, Rolle's mission has grown to reach a more global community. As she promotes Project Plants and spreads awareness on animal cruelty and the positive effects of a plant based diet, Rolle also manages to show the humanitarian side of her work by extending herself to educate any and everyone. Her personable attitude makes her easy to discuss difficult topics with, and she herself credits her "people-person" personality with her ability to speak to anyone about the conditions of the food industry and the importance of going vegan. This month, I am happy to present our June Celebrity Vegan, Meaghan Rolle of Project Plants.


When did you decide to become a vegan? 

June 2017, after moving to the mountains. Seeing all the animals in the wild and then watching "What the Health" also changed the way I saw food. I was in North Carolina and I just had a lot of time to stay to myself and get back to that oneness. I was able to find that true balance within myself and it impacted the way I saw my purpose in life.

Photo: Meaghan and her
pitbull, Buddha

In what ways have you noticed that a vegan lifestyle creates more empathy for animal life?

Since I've become a vegan, my connection to animals has grown stronger. My communication to animals have become clearer because now I am able to sense how they are feeling. I live in the country, and sometimes I'll see cows. In the past, I have seen them and just thought 'oh, look at the cows'. Now I am able to walk up to them and look into their eyes. They come towards me and can sense me as well. I realized that we are all animals, and we're connected. We all have our own natural purpose and roles that we play in life.

Why did you begin Project Plants?

This is a tough one. There are so many reasons behind it. I wanted this to be my legacy, and to bring environmental, animal rights and human interaction awareness that was lacking in society, globally, while following my passion and love for food. I've always loved cooking, and given that I've been involved in the food industry, this was a way to enhance my passion. It's bringing a new perspective to food, which is nourishment, happiness and life. Also, we have found astounding evidence on the benefits of cannabis and as part of my mission, I would like to continue to spread the knowledge that I have about plant based medicine.

How long have you been freestyling/rapping?

Since high school (roughly 2009). I've always loved poetry and writing, and I even used to write poems and give them to my teachers. One day (I would say I was about 15 years old), I was hanging out with some friends of mine and we were listening to music. One friend starting freestyling, and then I jumped in. Before I knew it, we were battling and let's just say after that cypher, I am still the reigning champ.

Occasionally you freestyle on your Instagram. How has music been influential in your life?

Music is not only my outlet but my way of life. I find it easier to say what I feel in song. Music has been my savior and it's been an extra outlet. It's kept me out of the dark, and that platform that allows you to create from within is unparalleled.

What kinds of music do you listen to?

All! There is music for every occasion, mood and day!! It all depends on my vibe at the moment, or how I'm feeling. The question is, am I looking for music to enhance my mood or to change it?

Photo: Rolle and daughter, Bella

Aside from Instagram, what are some other social media platforms you use to promote veganism?


Have you traveled to any places that have also influenced your art?

Yes, anywhere I go! Inspiration is just around every corner. When I was in Ashville it was the mountains, waterfalls, bears and nature, and it took my music to another level. It's no longer an outlet or a form of expression, but my music becomes a way to communicate, and convey messages. It's my movement.

Can you recommend some first steps a non- vegan should take to prepare themselves for a long- term vegan lifestyle?

Start slow. Get a good understanding in your mind of the lifestyle, because I think a lot of people don't know about the vegan lifestyle. a lot of people think it's a trend or a detox, but it's more than that. If you go in too hot, too fast, you'll feel like you've failed yourself if you backtrack, so take your time. You've got to adjust to your body. Choose your path or approach and plan, plan, plan!

What’s your favorite vegan meal?

I like the Beyond Meat veggie burgers (any style) and a bowl of veggies. Sometimes I'll add beans or tofu- even tempah to get my protein in, but the Beyond Burger is a treat for me that I don't do often.

What can we do, as individuals, to change food industry practices (ex. Chemicals placed in foods such as aspartame that have been linked to cancer)?

Boycott! Educate! Act! 
Boycott the companies and brands that are not concerned about their consumers; the brands that are only after the big dollars aka the McVegan Big Mac.
Educate yourself and others in terms of everything, including other worlds and societies. I think a large part of our issue is the disconnect we have with each other, especially when places are far away and we feel that we have no reason to be concerned about the people that live there. Watch "What the Health", which is one of many food industry documentaries. My advice would be to watch more documentaries and less movies.
Act on what you know and feel is right. Go to protests, sign petitions and show people facts if they have genuine questions.

Photo: Project Plants Brand, which is also a movement.

Your music is also a great form of advocacy and activism. How do you spend time vocalizing some of your concerns about what is going on in the world?

Certainly with my music, because who doesn't love that beat that just moves you? A lot of artists now are not saying anything, but because the vibration in the music says so much, we become hooked to the beat. My music is not to promote my own name. I am not looking to get a deal or to make millions, but I am trying to get my message across and change millions of minds. Also just connecting in everyday conversation is equally important to me. I work with people daily and the food industry is a great way to plant seeds!

Aside from going vegan, what were some other changes you made in your life that helped to bring you to a more balanced place- spiritually, physically, and emotionally- and do you feel better being vegan?

Meditation and clearing my mind, no matter what I'm doing and how I'm doing it is important. No matter what is going on, if I have peace inside, I can handle any storm. Crystal use and meditation also helps with balancing my life and giving me mental clarity. It helps because we don't really live in the moment, and meditation helps to bring me back into the moment. Music, poetry and eating well- not just vegan, but conscious food helps me to be aware of not just what I am putting in, but releasing as well.

How can people connect with you on social media?

Find me on Instagram @_projectplants_
Like, comment, tag, direct message and share!!

Photo: Peace- Rolle believes finding inner peace
in any situation helps to keep her balance.

Wishing Meaghan all the best on her journey, as she promotes Project Plants and educates others with her platform.


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