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Finding Your Inner Peace

TJV Written by: Ree G. August 11, 2019 Updated: August 29, 2019 Image: The Jamerican Vegan As women, it goes without saying that we get things done. We are able to hold a variety of positions, and maintain our lives, despite unequal pay and monthly periods or hot-flashes. The list of jobs and careers women have in 2019 are comparable to men. Needless to say, we also carry an extra special trait. Many of us are fortunate enough to become mothers, and raise young men and women that have unlimited potential. This is just one remarkable trait that we own, including keeping a smile on our faces at work while experiencing the worst cramps that feel like your insides got tossed in a shredder (where’s the lie?). How do we do this? We are goddesses, by right, and we are multi-faceted. Somewhere along my plant-based journey, I realized very quickly that I needed to slow down and own my truth and my emotions. I had been so career driven, pushing to make my Jamaican family proud,