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New YouTube Channel Debut!

I'm excited to announce that I've started my YouTube Channel, called... you guessed it! The Jamerican Vegan! As a vegan food critic, I have been traveling all over to find the best vegan food in the world. Some places have lead me in to holes in the walls that have made my tastebuds dance with complete shock and utter surprise. As a vegan, my palette has opened up even more to new and different flavors. Coming from a Caribbean background, I grew up with lots of flavors and spices that have paved the way for my understanding of quality food and technique. I am pleased to be able to bring vegan food reviews to you all, and I can only hope that the reviews (or my humor) keep you around. Maybe you'll find a spot or two, or ten?! Maybe you'll decide to take that trip you've been wanting to take, just to try that dish you've always wanted to experience? Either way, if it's vegan, I'm there, and if I'm there, I'm taking you with me! Much love to