I am Black Wombman

I am Black. 

I am a wombman. 

I carry the Eve gene. 

I carry my melanin.

I am fearless. 

I am powerful. 

I am strong. 

I am fire blazing through your wildest dreams like symphonies.

I am the Queen Bee, the pollen you need,

sweeter than anything you’ve ever tasted.

I am rage, burning down all your assumptions of who I should be.

I stand in all my glory.

I am a Queen.

I am an Empress.

I do not settle for less.

I do not beg and plead.

I expect the universe to bend and manifest for me.

And when I’m not cut I can still bleed.

And from this blood, one day my rebirth will breathe.

And no matter how much you choke us,

We will never cease.

As long as I am alive.

As long as my existence stirs something so deep in you that you wish me dead.

No we won’t run and we won’t hide.

As long as I live I will fight.

As long as my aura makes you fret

(And trust you ain’t seen nothing yet).

As long as time is long,

As we are the Alpha

And will be the Omega.

From every sea we shine to the next.

My ancestor’s spirits even dwell in the sea.

There is no escaping me.

There is no silencing my ancestors with death...

Because as they have gone, so I have come, and we will always arrive again.

Until you look up in the very end

And you realize you came for the wrong one 

when I did not send.

Oh, on that glorious day when our future opens their eyes to see.

Dog eat yuh suppa.

What a glorious day it will be.

Until then, you’ll kick us while we sleep.

But we are waking by the millions and we no longer weep.

Because we are remembering the truth.

That we are close to the Sun.

Created as the original image-

The Chosen Ones.

Through us all people form their lineage.

The blacker the berry, the more it can withstand the Light that beams through us.

We won’t even need the scrolls you’ve stolen that hold our history. 

Locked up somewhere, out of our reach.

We’re waking up by the millions, and unlearning who you’ve forced us to be.

Can you see the God in me?

That’s why you flee.

Because you can’t duplicate the light you feel,

But don’t touch.

Wish to caress,

But don’t want your love.

You see a gun when I have book in my hand.

Young ones rise up-read, manifest, no need to chase bands.

Merk you in a freestyle poem, you embarrassed yet?

Oh ye newbie, baby of all races that act like a rebellious teen.

We’ve danced this dance for too long, your time is up-

And you have been found wanting.

Karma must balance you inevitably.

-Ree Grant


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